My wife and I stayed at Trump Hotel in Toronto over the weekend.

From the moment we stepped inside, to the moment we left, the service and experience was second to none.

The doorman warmly welcomes you, opening the door and quickly offering to assist with your bags. Within the lobby, the lights are dimly set, there’s music playing, and the fresh scent of eucalyptus. The front desk clerk eagerly greets you. Without missing a beat, almost magically, from out of nowhere, he hands you two hot aromatic towels you can use to wipe your hands. This type of thing went on and on throughout our entire stay.

The service was warm, attentive, but more importantly, it was obvious that the guest’s entire experience had been carefully considered – almost choreographed.

In this case though, it was the way the experience started that left an impression on me.

How do your customers feel when they walk inside your business, or when they visit your website?

The initial atmosphere you set will put your customers into certain emotional state.

Are customers greeted quickly, cheerfully, and authentically?

Is your website easy to navigate so the customer can quickly find the information they’re looking for?

The atmosphere is key, and it’s even more important in the beginning.

Remember, most memories of the experience are formed through the way they start, and the way they end.

When you walk into this office this morning, or visit your own website, give this my questions some thought from the eye of the customer.

Are you setting the mood from the moment the experience starts, and are you setting the right one?