Part 2 – Outsourcing Saved Me $8040 In One Day

Yesterday I mentioned how I was beginning a small experiment on outsourcing. As I had said in my first post, I’ve been outsourcing a large majority of my work for years but I’ve been doing it privately through sites like and

After reading the 4-Hour Work Week, remember I mentioned I contacted the two companies that Timothy Ferriss mentions in his book, Brickwork and
I still haven’t heard back from GetFriday in three days.

Brickwork did reply after a few hours. Actually, the CEO replied and said they were backlogged and it would be a while before they could look at my requests. I replied back and said “I’m a little pressed and need someone ASAP” Well, the CEO replied again and said they would have someone contact me today or tomorrow.

Within 5 minutes I did get a reply from a Brickwork executive asking me to meet and discuss exactly what I’m looking for. We could do this via skype at my convenience! What a world we live in…. I’ll follow up with more on brickwork after this.

I was still in a bind for some tasks I was looking to accomplish before my Northern Ontario vacation next week so I tried going to some authority forums and posting my jobs and said I’m looking to hire someone. I got hundreds of replies but one stood out to me, a guy named David messaged me.  Not only did he say he could do the work, but he provided about 15 links to various discussions on the site where he had helped people and they gave him great testimonials.

I decided to take a chance with Dave or David. Dave got on MSN and at first I noticed his English was good but not perfect. But without asking anything in particular we carried on. I gave him the tasks. The task was something that had been bugging me for three years. When I first got into working online I started by selling web hosting, then I needed my own hosting for my own sites and so on……

For 3 Years, I’ve been paying small bills at about 5 different companies… One for $89.95, another for $69.95, two at $34.95 and another at $9.95… These are MONTHLY fees! On top of that, over the past year I got fed up with using poor hosting that I now rent a handful of truly dedicated servers from liquidweb in Michigan and they are awesome! The problem was, to not lose all my hosting/sites (which equal my pay-day), everything would need to be transferred to the new servers. This is an easy task when you’ve got basic HTML. But it gets a LOT harder when you’ve got forums, database driven sites etc…

Anyways, I told David the predicament and how I wanted to bring a few hundred (yes hundred) websites onto the dedicated servers. I gave David the details and away he went.

An hour later David messaged me… First VPS all accounts backed up, restoring now.
An hour after that… All accounts restored, please check for errors. I did a brief check and everything was perfect.

A few hours later… Second server, all accounts backed up and restoring now.
An hour after that….All accounts restored.

This went on for a few hours. David started at around 12:00 Noon and by 8:00 PM . He was done! Not just done, it was perfect! In fact, David went on to help with some config issues, answered a bunch of other questions, took care of a few tasks and all this before requesting a payment!

I asked David what I owed. Let’s just say the price was more than reasonable and with that, David in one day saved me about $335 US Dollars Per Month which I had been paying for about 2 years.

I finally got around to asking David where he’s from. He said, “India.” I asked David if he worked for himself or a company. He said he worked for

Anyways, David noticed another job I had posted and mentioned he and could handle this as well. He gave me a quote (again more than reasonable) and a list of references for companies in the US they were providing similar services for. I checked his references and they checked out. I’ve now hired David on a monthly basis to perform some tasks which used to take up a good chunk of my time.

Notice how I’ve been able to write two blog posts in two days!! What tasks are costing you time & money, which could be outsourced, to a company like, or Don’t delay any more!

Remember, I paid $335 bucks per month for a job that took ONE day to get done!
Break out your calculator and do the math $335 X 24 = $8040 Bucks!