For the past few years, I’ve been following Crossfit and doing the daily workouts. I’ve spoken of this on a few occasions here and here. It’s been life changing, but it’s also been a lot of hard work.

That’s what I do for my physical exercise.

There’s another type of exercise that holds the same importance in my daily routine, if not more. It’s a mental exercise.

There’s a few ways I accomplish that, but one of the best and most important ways is with this blog.

This blog has acted as my personal diary, so-to-speak, over the past few months. It’s allowed me to clarify my thoughts and document my thinking. It’s also allowed me to focus on my future life and where I want to go – my ideal life situation.

But like my physical exercise, this mental exercise is hard work. It’s training my mental muscles and allowing them to grow and expand. This, in turn, is expanding my mental fitness and the benefits are showing up on a daily basis.

Here’s the thing. Doing something similar in your own life could have the most amazing and profound effects. I’m not saying you need to start a blog.

I’m saying, the act of writing and expressing your thoughts in some manner (publicly or privately) could potentially change your life. Just like the physical stuff, it’s a good idea to exercise your mind.

Here’s something I’ve said again and again and again, and I keep saying it again and again for a reason…so take note.

Take some time and write what your ideal life situation looks like. Next year, or the year after that, and maybe even ten years down the road.

Feel free to be specific. Write about your lifestyle, your relationships, your possessions, and just about everything else.

Give yourself a good solid mental workout. I want you to work up a sweat.

If you’re creating your own path, you might as well have an idea of where you want to go instead of just walking aimlessly.