Most of us fail at first. My daughter fell repeatedly on her way to walking. But every single time she got back up and tried again. Now, we can barely catch her.

Just the other day we were in a VERY NICE clothing store. My 20-month-old daughter was running around faster than I could keep up. She was pulling piles of clothing off the tables and laughing hysterically while doing it. She was having an absolute blast! I couldn’t believe it. Suddenly I’d become one of those parents I used to judge! (big lesson to be learned there)

The ONLY thing that separates you and the person who makes it all look easy is they keep getting up. I can only guess how many time I’ve been knocked down. Nobody is immune to it.

Everyone has to get knocked down. It’s how we learn. There is no way around it. No shortcut. No doohickey to skip all the trauma. No bright red magic easy button.

Rinse > Repeat… Rinse > Repeat…Rinse > Repeat.

But instead of getting back up, most people are looking to blame someone else for their lack of progress. They stay down and cower.

Very rarely is somebody great at anything the first time. You’ve got to keep getting back up, again, and again, and again.

The only difference between the ultra successful and wealthy person is they get back up again and again. The only person stopping you from getting back up is well, you.

This week I was set to finalize two new pieces of business totalling close to $25,000 – for a number of reasons both deals fell through. I was literally knocked SMACK DOWN flat on my face.

A few days later and I’m back up again. Many people would be down for the count. And don’t get me wrong, it stinks…but I learned a ton.

It was money well spent.