Making the Summer "Slow Season" Your Best Season Ever

It’s hard to believe we’re well into the second half of the year.

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve heard numerous businesses, executives, and managers tell me that during the busy holiday months of summer there’s not much getting done, and nobody is really buying from sales teams.

Then we hear the same thing during the weeks before and leading up to Thanksgiving.

Then, in December, nobody is buying again.

After that, we’ll be into 2020 and surely it will be a while before companies start buying again.

Right?! Check out this week's Tuesday Tidbit Video Here:

If we all believed this, that would leave about three months of the year where business is actually getting done.

However, as astute Tuesday Tidbit readers, we know this isn’t true. 

Alas, sometimes our people not to be encouraged to proactively do the things that matter to grow your revenue and increase your business.

Here are a few steps you can take over the coming weeks which will generate new interest, leads, revenue, and likely reactivate some lost clients. 

Consider this your mid-summer Revenue Booster Shot.

These are all tasks many of my clients do on a daily (yes daily) basis who are engaged in my simple, Pick-3 process (more on that here).

As a leader and executive, you can do these tasks yourself, but it’s even more powerful if you involve your sales team.

Forward this email to them and ask them to take part over the next 25 days

Will this result in more business? Yes.

Will this bring in additional revenue? Yes.

Will this create new opportunities for the rest of the year? Yes.

But like any set of directions…you have to do it.

Task #1: Call Three of Your Highest-Value Clients

Pick three of your highest revenue clients and call them. Yes, actually pick up the phone in call them. But, before you do, spend 30 seconds to glance at their website, their LinkedIN page, or any recent media releases. See what or when was the last time they purchased from you.

This will give you lots to talk about. Or, you can simply call them up and let them know how much their business is appreciated.

Task #2 – Send Three Thank You Notes Per Day

This one is simple. Send three thank-you notes to customers.

It’s dead simple but something hardly anyone ever does. Why wait until Christmas to send the generic office funny sweater card? Send something now that’s meaningful, memorable, and personal.

Task #3 – Call Three Inactive Clients

Review your client files. Find a client that has stopped doing business with you. Once you identify them, determine if you know why they left. 

If not, pick up the phone and call them. Have a discussion to tell them all the new things your company is doing and see what’s new with them. Use this as an opportunity to reengage your lost clients and get the dialogue going again.

Task #4 – Request Testimonials from Three Clients

Pick three clients/customers who have done business with you, again and again, this year. Call and ask if they would be willing to give you a testimonial. Consider asking them for a video testimonial. Video testimonials are great, and you can use them on your websites, blogs, YouTube, etc.

Task #5 – Request Referrals from Three Clients

Call up three of your most successful or satisfied clients and ask if they know of anyone who might benefit from a business relationship with you.

Who do they know, that would beneficial for you to know? (refer to day five) 

Ask for a specific name and/or introduction. Spend 30 seconds doing research on LinkedIn to see who they’re connected to that you might want to meet.

Task #6 – Touch Base with Three New Clients

Depending on your business this might mean clients, distributors, dealers, etc. 

Pick three new clients who started doing business with you in the last thirty days and reach out to see if their needs are being met. 

Ask if they have any questions or concerns. What can you do to exceed their expectations?

Those are six simple tasks you can repeat, once per day, over the next 25 days.

Results are 100% guaranteed. 

Finally, I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again:

These are all example tasks pulled right out of my Pick-3 process. If you're not using my Pick-3 process, you're missing a wonderful opportunity. 

This dead-simple process is being used by world-class championship sports teams, global organizations with tens of thousands of employees, small independent retailers, CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, non-profits, and many more. 

Best of all, I give it away freely. If you need a copy, get in touch.