I wanted to follow-up with a quick little post about my trip to Toronto to meet Gary.

First and foremost a big thanks to Stu Mclaren. Stu was filming a very private interview with Gary and invited me to sit in on the taping.

Stu conducted a fantastic interview and I hope he releases this interview to the public.
We’ll see…If not, tweet him up and tell him you want to see it.

Stu is the creator of WishList Member, a piece of software which allows you to turn WordPress into a fully functional membership site. The software looks pretty kick-ass in my opinion.

After the interview I was able to hop into an elevator with just Gary, myself, and his assistant. Gary and I had only about 20 seconds to chat  before he literally jumped directly on stage for a crowd of about 200 people.

Gary reaffirmed some of my initial thoughts I had before going up to Toronto…

If you remember my last post or missed it, I spoke of how I sent Gary an email after reading Crush It.

For a guy that’s been traveling non-stop for weeks now on a book tour, he was pretty on the ball.

I didn’t have to remind Gary who I was or about the context of that email.

He remembered everything and jumped right in. Even when we first met he remembered exactly who I was and made a comment right away….. remarkable.

That was a lesson in itself, care.

During our ride in the elevator Gary mentioned a few things and one thing in particular I’ve heard him say on several occasions.

“Always remember that Legacy Trumps Currency”

We’re living in a day and age when everything we do is being documented for our children, grandkids and great grandkids. Gary holds the legacy we leave behind very high up on the totem pole.

I’m not going to go too deep into the details of what else was said since this was a very special trip for me…

Two weeks ago, while I respected Gary as an amazing entrepreneur and my go-to wine expert, I wasn’t really sure about the whole “Crush It” scene which was exploding like an unstoppable rebel force.

After reading the book my opinions and views on many things (including G.V) have changed tremendously. This is saying a lot about a 150 page book that’s thinner than a frozen hamburger patty.

Later in the evening I had another chance to talk to Gary and again, he left me with some kind parting words. As I attempted to thank Gary, it was him who was thanking me for that original email I had sent him.

He gave me some advice about moving onward, and that was that.

‘The times they are a changing’

If you haven’t had a chance to see Gary during his book tour or you have no clue who he is and why the heck I’m talking about him, the video below is pretty close to the presentation he’s been giving elsewhere on the tour..

Check it out and let me know what you think. ( I think you can only watch 10 mins of the video here and you’ll have to click the right hand corner “watch full program” to see it all) Or just click here to go to the full thing.