Many of you were members of one of my private membership site communities years ago.

For a handful of reasons – my daughter being a big one, I shut down a bunch of those sites to focus on other things. Primarily my business of consulting, coaching, and mentoring. This allowed me to work much closer with small businesses, solo-professionals, and entrepreneurs. I’ve had some tremendous successes over the past year or so and I’m excited to share my experiences with others.

Today I’m launching a new private forum – and since originality is the name of the game here, I’m calling it

Here’s access to my brain and experience, and it’s all yours for the taking, come on in. The cost is $30 per month of $199 for lifetime access.

There’s even a section for 1:1 discussion with me. Considering that mentoring with me is $3500 for a six-month stint and 1:1 coaching is considerably more for a shorter duration, you’re not going to find a better deal.

We’ve already got over 125 members in the first couple of days!

You can join HERE.

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