Forget customer loyalty. How loyal are you to your customers? You see, we’re often talking about customer loyalty, but what about reversing that thinking? Who declared this a one-way street?

To understand the customer,  you need to put on your customer goggles and truly attempt to see their interactions with your company. You have to begin to understand the customer experience from their point of view.

Unfortunately, it’s rarely done and it’s one of the reasons organizations operate on a strategy of Churn & Burn. It’s the reason companies are attracted to shiny new things!

Vine, Medium, and Pinterest, oh my! Something shiny & bright, fun, and new – which can help with our customer acquisition escapades! But I digress.

Once you’ve got em, how do you keep them? If your interest has waned, once you’ve “sealed the deal,” and you’ve shifted your focus back to finding more new customers, then you’ve missed the most important part of the relationship.

Consider this tough question: Why on earth should this customer continue to do business with us?

If you can’t legitimately come up with an answer, then I’m afraid you’ve got work to do.