This or that?

Yes or no?

Black or white?

Most of us make up our minds using a set of predetermined assumptions about our world. Our worldview is the result of our upbringing, education, and experiences in our world. Most decisions and choices are made using these pretty tight constraints. We rarely have to think. Our minds were made up long ago.

Pema Chodrom says our minds can be like rocks. In that state, our minds are closed, solid and nearly impenetrable. Breaking through our beliefs takes time and a lot of energy. She continues to explain, however, that the secret to unleashing a flood of unparalleled potential in our lives happens when we become fluid.

Fluid like water.

Like a child, opening your mind to view and explore the world without any predetermined beliefs or assumptions. Not simply buying into things being  “just the way things are.”

Rocks sink to the bottom while water continuously keeps flowing.

Drip, drip, drip.