After reading another post that I’d written, a friend of mine approached me quite frustrated with what I’d been writing about lately.
He said, “you know Noah, for some people, that’s just the way things are, but they’re happy with that.”

And he was 100% right.

Many people are happy with the punching parts on the line twelve hours a day. A lot of people don’t mind the fifty-hour work week in the windowless cubicle. Working for the weekend is just fine for many people. Two weeks to do an all-inclusive in Cancun is a fair trade-off.

Genuine happiness can be found in any of the above circumstances and many more. For me, I couldn’t find it. And I couldn’t settle for “just the way things are.”

And that’s the thing. I’m not writing and talking to those people.

I’m talking to the people stuck in those positions that want more. And they know that more is possible. I’m talking to the people who feel stuck without an exit, imprisoned in a life they didn’t plan for. I’m talking to the people like me that aren’t willing to settle.

And believe me, there’s a way out. But your need to start digging. There’s no time for delay. Each and everyday, bit by bit, you need to start picking away. And one day, they’ll come to check on you – and you’ll be gone.

Shawshank it. Redemption is yours for the taking.?