Last Thursday, I was privileged to spend a full-day, in Chicago, with my (virtual) mentor Seth Godin. As others have noted, my day with Seth was, for the most part, “off-the record.” But I’ll share the bit that’s just too dang important to keep to myself.

Seth started his day speaking passionately to almost 700 Chicago-area Linchpins by saying,

“How Dare You Waste The Revolution”

Seth Godin,Chicago
Photo Courtesy of Rachel Koontz

Seth continued, with strong determination, to explain to us that the current Internet Revolution is the biggest single monumental shift any of us will ever experience in our lives.

The moment to take advantage is now.

Hint: The revolution is not simply about Facebook, or Twitter, or Google.

Did you think you were too late to create the next big thing online? Think it’s too late to sell your art on Etsy? Too late to build your tribe and lead them? To late to build worldwide connections?

It’s not too late, but we’re moving quickly.

I’ve got friends who still dismiss the Internet. They laugh when I say you can, and should, move forward in your career without a traditional resume. They laugh when they see the time I spend online creating  connections. They laugh at the idea of Twitter or Facebook.

They return back to the world of compliant factory work.

Blogger Al Pittamapali writes,

Groupon is the fastest growing business in history.

The tea party is the fastest growing political movement in history.

Those who are still sitting on the sidelines waiting for “proof” at this point will clearly never be satisfied.

The social media train is accelerating at full speed, and it’s not too late to come aboard…but it’s not going to wait for anyone.?”

Folks, I got news for ya. The traditional factories aren’t coming back. They’re gone. And Seth’s right. We’re moving so fast right now that the world’s no longer waiting around for the compliance cogs. The world’s rewarding the folks who no longer follow the rules.

Compliant factory workers don’t just work in factories. They work in banks, offices, and public relations firms etc. They work everywhere. Blue Collar versus White Collar – Is there really any difference?

How do you know if you’re a compliant factory worker?

Simple. If your job can be written in a manual, you’re a compliance worker. If your job can be written in a manual – you can, and will, eventually be replaced by machines or people who will do your job cheaper and faster.

To avoid this inevitable looming fate, you need to become indispensable. To become indispensable, you become a linchpin. To become a linchpin, you find the edge and start walking it. I’d start by reading Linchpin.

Seth suggested, “We’re all factory owners now. If you’ve got a computer, you’ve got access to a factory”

The question, of course, is when will you fire-up your factory?



Don’t waste it.