Here's Why Cash Isn't King - It's the Ace!

This week I'm providing a special edition of The Tuesday Tidbit™. In the video below, I'm joined by a good friend and colleague, Phil Symchych.

Phil is known as the SME Business Wealth Builder and specializes in working with SMEs to improve their financial operations and business results.

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Whenever I'm talking to a client who mentions succession planning, I always bring up Phil.

I remember once he said that succession planning starts in one of only one of four places: the kitchen table, the board room table, the operating table, or the funeral home table. I just loved that!

In this video, Phil says you need three key things if you truly want to grow. 

You'll learn why Cash isn't king; it's the ace. 

And you'll learn why Phil believes if you're using financial statements to run your business, you've already lost.

Your Challenge For This Week? You'll have to watch the video to find out.


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