It’s all about the connection. Loyalty is the result of the relationship between customer and company.

Customers buy because of both emotional and intellectual needs. Your company has something they want or a need they want met. We all know how quickly and easily our emotions can get us riled up. Loyalty is like the glue that strengthens that connection.

When your customers complain about the small stuff, what they’re really saying is “Hey, there’s something wrong with our connection here….

Your loyal customers, more often than not, don’t sweat the small stuff. They’re often willing to brush aside an error, a bad day, or rotten experience, as a blip in the system. They’re willing to consider the experience as an anomaly.

If your customer base is built by continuously, and relentlessly, filling bucket with new customers, without any focus on solidifying the relationships with your current customers, then you’re always going to have static.