Who doesn’t love a campfire? NOTHING beats a perfectly roasted marshmallow.


Of course, there’s one thing that can make or break a great campfire.

The ghost story.

I grew up going to camp every Summer and each night we’d have a campfire. Sadly, I don’t remember each individual marshmallow, but I do remember the times I jumped four feet out of my seat. And I do remember the shrieks and shrills of those around me. And I do remember the clever use of your flashlight and the shadows cast upon your face. And I do remember talking about the story for hours afterwards with my cabin mates.

But if the story is no good, or it’s boring, or you try to pull a fast one on us, then people will start yawning, and people will leave, and the kids will go to bed. We won’t remember a thing. And eventually the fire will burn out.

The thing is, we want a great story. We want to be inching ‘just a bit closer’ to the girl (or guy) sitting next to us. We’re hanging on to your every word. We’re depending on you for a good unexpected twist at the end.

And without it, it’s just ‘another campfire. There’s another one somewhere else.

Your business is like the campfire. Tell me a good story.