I’ve got a scar on my finger.

One time many years ago, while on a fishing trip with my father, I caught my index finger in the door of his Ford truck. I almost lost the top-half of my finger, but it was saved by a boatload of stitches.

I’ve got another scar on the top of my head. This accident happened at a funeral home – of all places!

These are the scars I’ve collected as I continue on my journey through life. If you happen to see them, I might be eager to tell you the story that accompanies each one. Each of my scars has a unique story.

I’ve also had a handful of business ventures that failed. I’ve got silly ideas that I’ve told people about, only to be laughed out of the room. I’ve spent both precious time and money on businesses that have fallen flat, and I’ve had jobs where I quit after only a few short hours.

That’s just a start.

When I really think about it, these mental scars are very much the same as my physical scars. Of course, physical scars can happen for a variety of reasons beyond our control. I’m talking about our battle scars.

Our scars will always be a part of us. Regardless of how serious the battle may have been, the scars are there for a reason. I’m sure, deep-down, you’ve learned something from every single scar.

I’m always a wee-bit apprehensive when I meet someone in the business world without any battle scars. The warning bells go off even louder when they try to cover them up.

Show me what you’ve got. Your battle scars are what have made you what you are today.