Last night I watched an episode of Shark Tank where a young couple attempted to raise funds for a children’s ‘sippy cup’ they have invented out of sheer frustration with the other cups on the market.

Let’s not lose sight about what we’re talking about… We’re talking about a cup, that a kid drinks water from. I can’t recall too many major changes to the cup over the years, but these parents had recognized a number of flaws and problems with the design and function of almost every single other ‘sippy cup’ available.

This is what I call Frustration Opportunity.

Most people remain frustrated, annoyed, angry, and dissatisfied with products, services, and experiences, but choose never to do anything about it. They remain frustrated.

The frustrated person is your typical naysayer. On the opposite end of the spectrum we have the person who recognizes opportunity. Opportunity born from frustration is the driving factor behind most rags-to-riches stories.

Hailing a cab can be a frustrating experience. Uber said, let’s use our phones and have the cars come to us. Someone was smart enough to recognize the opportunity buried in the frustration. There are thousands of similar examples.

Instead of allowing yourself to remain stressed and frustrated by the way something is, change the way it’s done.