I’m in Washington, DC this week, and the famous Cherry Blossoms are in bloom.

They’re spectacular to see.

The Cherry trees, however, aren’t Evergreens. They’re deciduous, and if you aren’t here at the-almost-perfect time, you’ll miss the bloom (they say Friday might be the final day!).

There’s a small 4-to-5 day window where the blooms peak to their fullest. To me, they resemble puffy pink and white balls of cotton candy.

They’re gorgeous.

People come from all over the world to witness the blooming. They say more than 700,000 people visit every year to admire this one event.

I talk a lot about the philosophy of Evergreen and the power that comes with becoming Evergreen.

Deciduous trees, however, still have an opportunity to be beautiful, strong, attractive, and alluring – but only if we properly care for them, nurture them, and treat them right.

Through their impermanence comes new opportunity and we can learn from the Cherry Blossoms.

Here are just a few of the key questions I found myself pondering while enjoying the blooms:

1) Are there specific seasons or special events in your industry that you take advantage of?

2) What new opportunities could you create that your customers and clients would come to anticipate and get excited about each year?

3) Are you always prepared and looking your best during your window of opportunity (even if it might be quick?)