Be Present.  Connect.  Communicate. There's No Better Time.

Last week I provided you with my Pick-3 Workbook. You can find it here if you missed it.

After a full day of calls and discussions yesterday with sales teams, senior executives, owners, etc. I realized there are three simple things we can do right now.

Be present.



Check out the video below for this week's Tuesday Tidbit. You'll find your weekly challenge at the bottom of this email.

Give yourself permission to be human.

Last week I completed one of my first Livestream events on LinkedIn, which was interrupted by my children coming home at the end.

The other day I met a client's spouse and his dog, after working together for two years. She already knew a lot about me and I had heard great things about her.

I was talking to the President of another company when her son decided to start shredding his guitar during our Zoom event! 🎸

Be present. Smile, laugh, and work as normal.

Take the distractions in stride.  Use the mute button if your dogs barking or your kids are fighting, but show everybody that you're present & paying attention.  

As we work individually, it's more important than ever to show the areas where we are connected.

Ditch your lousy teleconference/webconference habits of the past, where you mute the line and read your emails and drink your coffee.  

Your Challenge This Week: Call at least five clients this week to check-in. Not to sell, simply to see how they're doing and if you can help in any way. Nothing more, nothing less.


P.S. Your bonus challenge: Connect with at least three people from your company you don't often get to communicate with. See how they're doing. Nothing more, nothing less.