A Simple, 2020 New Year's Challenge

Welcome to 2020!  

I just returned from a fabulous week in Paris, which has given me a lot of material for future tidbits, but I wanted to keep this one short and to the point.

So here we are.

A new year, a new decade, a new you, a better organization?  

Everybody makes plans to be better at this time of year, and as you know, they rarely work out… 

Here's one thing that helps new years plans stick, though… 

Getting help with accountability.  

Here's what I'll do for you. 

Hit reply right now, and tell me what you want to work on this year in your company, how you want to get better. 

Then (in 3 sentences or less), tell me what you're going to do to meet those goals. 

That's it. 

Super short, super simple. 

I'll reach out to you periodically throughout the year to see how you're doing.

Take a second before closing this, and consider:  If you're not willing to reply to an email, do you think you're willing to put in the work to be as good as you want to be?  

Success is all about small steps. 

Make this the first.  

Hit reply and tell me what you're working on and your big objectives for 2020.


P.S. Here’s mine to share with you. Over the next year, I’m developing and expanding the Tuesday Tidbit community. I’ll be running various events in cities across North America and likely Europe. The events will likely start in March and I'll provide the first few dates mid-February. Have a suggestion for a location? Let me know.

I’ll be doing even more of my 1-Day Sales Process workshops for private clients (the first few have been incredibly awesome), but also running some public (for fee) events on the 1-Day Sales Process creation where sales leaders from many different companies can attend. 

I’m working on creating additional product & service offerings to expand the number of companies I can help, based on the most impactful work I've done with my private clients over the past eight years.

My big goal is to enhance the Tuesday Tidbit community, work with more of you, and continue to help you grow each and every week with valuable and practical Tuesday Tidbits.