In the old days, if you wanted to increase your business, all you had to do was hire and pay a handful of salesmen and build a sales team.

Your salesman would go door-to-door, or cold-call, or create direct mail pieces to mail out to your mailing list. They would work 9-5 and attempt to meet a certain quota each month.

Today, your new sales team can be hundreds and thousands strong. The beauty of your new sales team is that you don’t need to pay them a dime. Seriously, and they work 24 hours a day. They never sleep. They’re your A-Team.

It’s true. No payment is required. There’s a catch though. You need to understand that while payment isn’t required, they may need a little training.

Here’s how you do it:

Ask them to share their experiences with your business on Facebook, or Twitter, or anywhere on the internet for that matter.

Encourage them, or better yet, give them a reason to write a review about your Bed & Breakfast or restaurant on a site called TripAdvisor.

Reward them for their referrals, or for bringing a friend to your establishment for bacon & eggs, or for putting in a good word in for you.

To encourage your customers, give them the tools, and the incentives up front, and make it worthwhile for them to send a friend to rent an air compressor from your Tool Rental shop.

If you’re a town or city looking to increase tourism, give your new sales team the tools to show their visiting guests a good time. That can mean free parking or discounts at local hotels.  It really doesn’t matter.

Remember, they work for free. They just need the tools and training.

The new sales team is your A-Team. And like I said, the best part of all is it’s free.

Why isn’t every business utilizing their A-Team?