Everyone wants things to "get back to normal."

Many companies survived the pandemic because normal wasn't an option. Businesses had to adapt to new ways of doing things.

I've recently talked to Presidents and CEOs of companies concerned things will slip back to the way they were BEFORE the pandemic. Everyone wants a return to normal, and they're worried they will fall back into the bad habits of yesterday.

Why not continue with the new, healthy habits developed during these tumultuous times?

Perhaps every client doesn't need quarterly in-person check-ins, or maybe they do.

Maybe the days of expense accounts and lavish perks are things of the past. Is there a better way to reward key clients?

Maybe Zoom or other tools will continue to suffice for product demonstrations. Do your people really need to get on those planes and stay in those hotels?

Maybe 75% of the workforce can continue to work from home.

I'm sure your organization is having these discussions.

But it's easier said than done. You still need to make sure customers aren't falling through the cracks.

Many businesses were, for lack of better words, forced into the 21st Century. It would be a shame to try and "get back to normal."

Look, we all want life to go back to the way it was for the most part.

But there's no "back to normal," there's only a NEW normal.

And there are some things you shouldn't be willing to give up.

Your challenge this week: Identify the things you aren't willing to give up in a post-pandemic world. What are you doing to ensure they become part of your ongoing business practices?

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