This is for the passion seekers. I was in the middle of writing another post, and then I read this. This is for those of us still asking the questions or wondering:

How do I know if this is really my passion?

Where do I look for my passion?

I’m not sure what I’m really passionate about.

Check this out.

“You might be thinking, “How do I know what I’m good at?” All you have to do is listen and learn. Listen to the environment and other people. Pay attention, because they’re trying to tell you what you’re good at all the time. It’s in you, but there’s also feedback—the world is trying to tell you who you are. There are signals. It’s all a big mirror of your own soul. If you feel wonderful when you read a sentence in a book and somehow get goose bumps, that’s the world trying to say, “That’s you!”

The Hands-Off Manager – Steve Chandler & Duane Black

The weird thing is, this entire book is giving me goose bumps.

Enjoy the weekend.