On Sunday night, fellow Canadian Maggie MacNeil took gold at the Olympics.

She won the 100M Butterfly with a time of 55.59 seconds. But here's where the Olympics is always interesting.

2nd place had a time of 55.64 seconds

3rd place: 55.72 seconds

4th place: 55.73 seconds

To understand how fast that is…

Take a moment and clap your hands together once. Listen to the sound. That sound represents a bit more than the difference between going home with a medal and going home empty-handed.

The gold medal winners will have 10X the opportunities after winning to capitalize on that success than the other winner, and the 4th place winner will constantly wonder if they could have done anything better.

But here's the thing, the gold medal winner didn’t work 10X harder. In most cases, they’ve barely won by tiny fractions of a second like this. Maggie MacNeil didn't realize to many seconds after the race had finished she had won.

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