I’ve been MIA for almost two weeks now.

Here’s a quick little post on what I’ve been up to lately. I’ll have more in-depth posts for you shortly, but this is where I’ve been.

1) Launching an online retail business.

I’ve never sold and shipped a physical, tangible product online before.

This is a whole new ball game for me. I have to deal with wholesalers, sourcing products, working out the margins, packaging, shipping, contracts, merchant accounts, API’s, banks and oh so much more.

It’s fantastic. I’ve found a good sense of flow working on this project. It’s fantastic and the hours can quickly slip away. I’m also working with some great people. Feels good to be working with people directly again.

2) Adding new services to my own business.

I’m in the midst of adding a new series of business related coaching services to my own business. I’ve been spending a lot of time writing copy, testing the copy, rewriting the copy, but more importantly, I’ve been spending a lot of time tweaking the product and the service offering.

I’ve gotten a few emails lately about coaching and consulting services for both online and offline businesses.

3) Removing services from my own business.

Over the past five years, I created and ran a variety of websites that made a lot of money. These websites paid for our house, bought us a vehicle, and took us on endless trips, but I decided it was time to start moving forward.

Some would call it silly, essentially walking away from thousands of dollars per month of income. I disagree.

Sometimes we need to take the riskier path. While it may be the riskier path, in terms of income generation, it’s the smarter path for me at this point in my life.

4) Doing some volunteer jobs.

Some people would say you should never work for free. I disagree.

I’ve been putting in a fair amount of time to do “important” good-feeling type of work. I’ve been helping a few organizations with their websites and marketing.

And the kicker is, it actually does feel good and important. That makes it totally worth it.?


That’s the biz aspect in a nutshell.

The baby’s due date is less than eight weeks away. My wife, Heather, is doing fantastic. She looks beautiful and is happier than ever. She’s had an amazingly problem-free pregnancy to this point.

We’re anxiously awaiting our Jedi to enter the world.

What’s happening in your life? Let me know.