A collection of my thoughts, not yours – on topics ranging from business to life. You can find version one HERE and version two HERE.

  • Partnerships: I see it all the time – people confuse their friendships with the guarantee that a business relationship can work for them. It almost always ends badly. Ben and Jerry made it work, but they’re in the minority, and they were dealing with ice cream.

  • Self-Motivation: Most world-class athletes have the ability to get out on the court or the field day in and day out.  Why is it that so many of us need some sort of external motivation to get us out of bed each day? The “motivating others” business is a trillion dollar business. But motivation comes from within. You need to wake up running hard and fast. You only get one shot at this thing called life. Just last month an asteroid the size of four football fields zipped passed the earth. Is that good enough motivation?

  • Reverse Goal Setting: Everyone tells you how important it is to have very specific goals and aspirations. But what about things you don’t want? Try this: Instead of sitting down and writing a list of everything you want to happen or have in your life, try creating a list of things you absolutely don’t want in your life. What can you do to make sure you don’t end up hitting those un-targets? How can you rid yourself of what’s holding you back?


  • Personal Tithing: My grandparents always expressed the importance of tithing – the act of giving 10% to the church. Here’s something equally as important: Personal Tithing. Are you investing at least 10% per year towards your own development and betterment? There’s no greater investment that pays such an incredible dividend, than in yourself. Some examples: Courses, Books, Conferences, Coaching, Mentoring.


  • The Expert State Of Mind: If you’re an expert, start acting like it.  Experts are constantly scanning their surroundings looking for examples. They’re looking for new ideas and examples they can use, and new ways to improve their own expertise.


  • Ask For Help: People believe if they ask for help, they’re revealing some sort of weakness. But in reality, we can all get better and learn from others. I’ve coached over 700 business owners, and yet I still invest in my own coach and mentor. Why? Because I know I can get better.