I’ve been talking to some business owners lately, and many of them aren’t doing as well as they’d like to be doing.

As I’ve sat back to reflect what I’ve heard over the past few weeks, there were two or three recurring themes that kept popping up in my discussions.

I’m hesitant to say that these companies are stagnant.

After all, many of the CEOs and Owners I’ve talked to have big ambitions, and huge growth goals. They care deeply about their companies, and they want to see them succeed. Most of them are already doing well, but they want to be doing better.

What they all really want more assurance and predictability when it comes to consistent growth and success because they’re not seeing it. So yeah, I guess we can say they’re a bit stagnant.

Here’s why.

Nearly all of them don’t have are the right processes and procedures in place to measure, monitor, and oversee the performance of their sales and marketing efforts. And more importantly, gauge their results.

All companies need detailed strategic sales and marketing plans with specific performance oversight and growth expectations, and this was almost always non-existent in these discussions.

This brings me back to the philosophy of Evergreen, which is as useful as any for today’s question:

Do you have the right systems and plans in place for dealing with the customer before, during, and after the sale, and again after that?

Evergreen is not just about keeping the customer. It’s a strategic framework designed to help you predictably and continuously attract the RIGHT customers, consistently. From there, the approach shifts seamlessly to advancing, enhancing, and nurturing your relationship with each customer and maximizing their value.

If you’re also feeling stuck, then perhaps it’s time for a shakeup?