We can replace almost every asset in your business.


But there’s one thing we can’t replace too easily – the customer.

I delivered a keynote last week to almost 250 non-profit association executives, and I told them how important it is to be feverishly nurturing and cultivating the strongest possible relationships with their current clientele.

The time is now…For all of us.

Now there’s a ton of tactical strategies we can implement in your marketing that will help you do this like: the concept of membership, community structures, VIP perks, extreme customer service, or loyalty programs that focus on intrinsic recognition and not just extrinsic rewards.

I cover all of this in tremendous depth in Evergreen (which comes out January 7, 2015 in Hardcover, Kindle, and Audiobook) and my weekly tidbits.

You need to create ways to become emotionally indispensable to your customers / members / clients.

You can’t rely on being chosen when there’s a dozen new competitors coming around the corner.

If you’re simply a “choice,” that customers have to make, then you’re putting yourself in an extremely dangerous position.

Today’s Key Questions:

How can you become the only option and not just a choice to be made?

What do you need to change about your marketing efforts to cultivate and nurture the types of relationships where your customers/clients/members genuine love what you do – and won’t even consider leaving you?


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