The Most Critical Things To Do Over the Next Four Months

I've been driving a 50-year-old vehicle for the previous four months. 

With a massive decrease in travel, border closures, and the pandemic in general, we could make do with the Land Rover being used as our second family car. That said, it will soon be time for the Land Rover to go back into storage. It's been an incredible experience.

It's simple technology with a simple engine. It works, but it also benefits from new parts and upgrades. Many old Land Rovers are left to rot, while others are improved with galvanized frames, new components, and engine tune-ups.

Now I'm car shopping again.

Over the weekend, I test drove a Tesla, or should I say the Tesla drove me. It was an incredibly-impressive ride in a remarkably advanced piece of technology.

The dichotomy between old and new struck me as an interesting comparison to those companies who made massive shifts and pivots during the pandemic and those who did not.

If you can believe it, we're less than four months till 2021.

If you haven't moved well past reactive mode and aren't starting to make high impact strategic & tactical plans for how to adapt to this 'new world order', then you're almost at the point where you need to start scrambling.

If you've been reading my Tuesday Tidbits for any length of time, you already know what you should be doing. You already know several critical areas of your business and customer relationships that you need to be working on.

The hard part is figuring out how to actually put it all in place in your particular business context.

It's easy to find reasons why the bedrock principles I advocate are suitable for most companies but won't work for you because you're so unique & special.

Every one of my clients felt the same thing before we started working together.

The difference is they hit a point where they realized that the downsides of not doing these things well greatly outweighed the difficulties of putting them into place (and once we started working together, they quickly realized those difficulties rarely manifested).

So here's your challenge for this week:

Take the first step to implement the philosophies that you've been reading about for however long you've been getting these tidbits (wow, for some of you, that's 8 years now!).

Consider things like my Pick-3 Process, develop your sales process, define sales activity levels, review your post-purchase follow-up process, etc.

Better yet, go here & book a call with me.

Here's what'll happen.

First, I won't try to "sell you" anything.

What I'll do is help you identify the 2-3 biggest challenges you might be facing or opportunities ahead of us, and give you some direction on which of the strategies I've shared over the years that would be most impactful.

Then and only then, and only if it makes sense, might I suggest another call where we can discuss working together.

But here's the truth – you'll probably get enough direction from that first call to make tangible change on your own.

If you need it, then I'm here to help. For example, if you've been thinking about the topics covered each Tuesday but haven't made enough progress, now is the perfect time to get some help. As the old adage goes,  "if you could have done it yourself, you would have already."