The MBA Grad or the guy who read the book?

I read an amazing book the other day written by the guys over at – Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson. They had just released their eagerly anticipated book Rework.

I was anxiously awaiting the books release. So on launch day, I ordered a copy on my Kindle. I took a quick peak, which turned into reading a few pages, which then snowballed into reading the entire book in one sitting.

Rework represents the new rules of business from the guys who are walking the walk and not just writing books. The CEO, Jason Fried, started 37Signals as a small web development company back in 1999. As of today, the company has created  on-line tools such as Basecamp, Campfire, Highrise, and many others. 37Signals now has over three-million customers worldwide. Not such a small web development company anymore are they?

To me, this book solidifies many of the assumptions I’ve carried for a long time. Those spending time learning the concepts and theories in business school might be wasting their time. Learning in-depth concepts and theories maybe outdated and may not work as well anymore.

Mark Cuban’s quote represents that pretty clearly. He says,

“If given a choice between investing in someone who has read REWORK or has an MBA, I’m investing in REWORK every time. A must read for every entrepreneur.”
-Mark Cuban, co-founder HDNet, owner of the Dallas Mavericks”

I tend to agree with Cuban here. So Mark, if you’re looking for someone…. drop me an email 🙂

It’s a fast and enjoyable read, and I highly recommended it to anyone with an interest in working for themselves or starting a business.

I wanted to say it’s a great read for anyone with an interest in entrepreneurship, but David and Jason say, “enough with entrepreneurs!

They suggest we should retire that term immediatley. They say that the term entrepreneur is loaded with baggage and smells like a member’s-only club. They continue to say, “everyone should be encouraged to start his/her own business, not just some rare breed that self-identifies as an entrepreneur.

If you’ve ever wanted to start your own business, but you’re worried that you don’t have the business savvy of an MBA graduate, this just might be your ticket. This could be the tool that  provides you with more real-world applicable business knowledge than an MBA, and you can acquire it in just under two hours for about $10 bucks.

Buy it. It’s worth it.

  • You've convinced me to check it out good sir. I've had my eye on it for the last little bit but have been holding out while waiting to read a few others but it looks like this one jumps the line. Great review, I'm looking forward to it.

  • I very much agree

  • Having acquired my MBA 15 years ago I would agree that concepts that work in business change, and change quickly. However, it's also important to remember that the basics don't. Screw around with the fundamentals of cashflow, accounting and treating people with respect and you will either go bust, go to jail or lose staff.

    Not all businesses need rapid change all the time. We all need to take a look outside our personal business trenches and see that business is conducted across the world with very little application of any of this – or any – sort of theory.

    I'm not an expert – just a grunt doing software development and voluntary work in equal amounts – but the bottom line always boils down to make a product or service people are willing to pay more money for than it costs you to deliver, get that money, and repeat. Everything else is icing. 🙂

  • Hey Ross

    Thanks for the comment. It's just a fun and easy read. Like I said, went through it once in about two hours, and I'll go back to it time and time again for just some good old fashioned head-shakin' thinkin' time.

  • Thanks a ton Rob for re-tweeting my link. That means a lot.


  • Ordered ReWORK yesterday, looking forward to reading it myself. Thanks for sharing your review.

  • Hey Joe,

    You're absolutely right. I'm trying to get up on the fundamentals by my reading of the top “100 Biz Books of all time.” (see link above)

    I'm not saying a MBA is worthless by any means. I'd love to have done one when I was in school.

    You're very right about the bottom line, the basics… That's what I like about this book, it gets down to the basics pretty quick.

    Thanks for the comment.

  • Cool. Let me know your thoughts when you finish.


  • tedgoas

    You reviewed Rework, but where's your review of The MBA Grad? hehe, just saying… since you seem to compare the two in the title.

    (btw I don't have an MBA)

  • Mark Cuban did it for me 🙂

  • Will definitely give it a read! I suppose I've been around for long enough to have been through 'Excellence', 'Re-engineering', 'Five Forces' and whatever else. 🙂

  • How about having both of them?

  • John Kane

    There you go
    Putting ANOTHER book temptation into John-Boy's head AGAIN 🙂
    Do you by any chance work for these publishers?
    keep 'em coming

  • Even better I think.

    I don't think an MBA is ever going to be someone's weak point.

    Thanks for stopping in!

  • Just got my copy of Rework today and am spending the day reading it. Thanks for article

  • What did ya think?

  • MAke sure to get your name on the list from the library.

  • charlesharper

    You're on Noah. I am going to see if it is on Audible. Thanks….I think you should read “Jewish Wisdom for Business Success” too.

  • Charles

    Thanks for the response. I am pretty sure there is an audible version.
    Thanks for the suggestion!

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  • I agree. . .one of the best $11 investments I've made recently. The 37Signals guys challenge age old business disciplines and toss them out the window. Zero fluff, Very carefully thought out and practical. I highly recommend reading it.

  • Thanks so much for your comment and post. I checked out your blog. Very nice! I've added it to my tech folder in Google Reader.

    Nice post on zappos btw. Looking forward to your DH review. I'm reading it right now.
    Keep in touch!

  • Hi Noah,
    Thanks for the kind words. I discovered your blog by accident the other day and I must admit, your content is as prolific as the best ones out there. A lot of great stuff. Keep up the good work. I will be back here often…after I re-read DH in prep for the upcoming deadline. Thanks for the reminder, btw.

  • Man, Thanks SO much for the compliment. I'm working hard at it.

    Yeah I'm working on my review on DH too. I'm not sure it will be a long review though. There is only so much to be said! Tony rules.

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  • Articles are meaningful, and your blog is nice!

  • Seems to be a great book by the previous comments. I think in buy this ebook.

    • Has comprado el libro? Qué te ha parecido? quisiera saber vuestra opinión junto con la de los demás comentaristas!