The other day I mentioned that the manual doesn’t exist. There’s no specific manual or step-by-step action plan to achieving success, but there are tools to guide you.

However, these tools only work when you’ve got the endpoint in mind. This reminds me a lot of GPS Navigation.

If you get in your car and decide you want to go to the airport, your GPS won’t do anything useful until you tell it exactly where you’re going. It will show you the map and you’ll see yourself moving along, but it will haphazardly follow all the bad decisions you make along the way. It won’t start offering advice or correcting your mistakes until it knows where you’re going.

Your goals have to be a lot like a GPS.

If you’re in Canada, you can’t punch Dubai into your GPS and expect a clear path. It’s kinda like saying, you want to build the next Facebook or create a billion dollar company. It’s a silly thing to say. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for big goals and big dreams – but realistic goals are the key. Your GPS will actually try its best to map out the trek to Dubai, but the path will be almost impossible to follow.

But if you’re goal is to build a business that earns you $75-100K a year, that’s achievable. That’s like setting a destination into your GPS that’s maybe a day’s drive away. It’s long and complicated, but the path can be mapped out and you can get there. If you make a wrong turn, you’ll know it right away (“GPS Re-calculating“), and you’ll be offered advice for getting back on track as soon as possible.

Your goals are a lot like a GPS. There needs to be an end-point in mind, and it needs to be specific, or you’ll just be driving in circles.