What an incredible amount of snow that’s been dumped on us in the past 24 hours! It’s certainly been a great winter for snow here.

This morning, we were awoken at 3:30am to an unhappy baby. It seems she needed a midnight snack. Then after a quick bite to eat, she fell back asleep.

As I laid in bed watching and listening to the snow accumulate, I got to thinking about momentum. You know when you get a little momentum in life, and you’re suddenly moving in the right direction, constantly picking up speed, everything and everything seems to go your way? Well, I think momentum, for the most part, is a powerfully important force we need to have, and more importantly utilize; but there’s good news and bad news about momentum.

Think for a minute about a tiny snowball sitting on the side of a snow-covered hill. As the snowball starts rolling down the hill, it gathers and collects more and more snow. As it collects more snow it gets bigger and bigger, all the while gaining tremendous power and speed. It becomes unstoppable. Nothing can stop it now.

So what about good news and bad news?

The bad news is that to gain momentum you need to start.

The snowball (you) sitting on the side of the hill needs some sort of force or action to start the movement down the hill. Sometimes it just needs a tap or maybe just a slight push. Sometimes, it’s in need of a massive amount of energy like an avalanche. Regardless, it won’t start moving on its own. It won’t miraculously start itself down the hill. Without a start, it sits idle on the top of the hill and will eventually melt away into nothingness.

So what’s the good news?

The good news is that to gain momentum all you need is a start.