Last week I held my first CEO Peer Group meeting. We had a fantastic group of CEOs and Presidents across a diverse range of companies and industries from North America to New Zealand.

Before the meeting, our neighbour’s office smoke alarm kept going off. When I finally inquired about it, I was told the carbon monoxide detector was doing its job. After shutting off an engine and opening a big warehouse door, the beeping stopped.

The room needed fresh air to breathe.

Carbon monoxide is deadly. 

My business coach used to talk about the concept of “breathing your own exhaust.” 

It’s the belief that you already know all there is to know, you can’t learn from anyone outside your industry, or only want opinions and advice from those within your industry.

The lack of fresh air is deadly in business too.

If there’s anything I’ve learned over the past 14 years, it’s that it can be lonely at the top. 

There is nothing more valuable than joining other results-orientated executives from diverse, non-competitive industries to solve your toughest challenges and maximize your key opportunities collectively.

Many of my best clients have found success by looking outside their industries to gain new perspectives. 

For example, consider anything from process to tools & systems to strategy.

Take a moment and ask yourself – “How confident am I that the systems we’ve set up, and the strategies we’re pursuing, are the best ones for our company?”

The lower your confidence in that answer, the more critical it is to get an outside perspective to help guide you to your destination. 

Or consider a what seems like a colossal business challenge. 

You might believe your challenge is unique, but then imagine hearing from half a dozen others in non-compete industries who have successfully dealt with similar challenges.

This is exactly what happened at our meeting last week. It’s surprising.

If you’re struggling in any area of your company, you might need a bit of fresh air.

Your Challenge For This Week

Reach out. 

Let’s talk more about the CEO Peer Groups and if it’s maybe a fit for you.

If so, consider joining me at our next meeting as a guest and let’s see if this environment is the breath of fresh air you need.