In one of my latest posts I mentioned that if I had inspired even one person to do something outside their comfort zone then I would be a happy camper.

Little did I know, that person would be mother. I found out that this week that she had started her own blog called “The Mustard Chronicles.

A friend on Twitter summed it up nicely by saying,  “your mom wanting to blog – the ultimate compliment to you.

I’m honored and thrilled if I have helped inspire her.

Maybe it’s the fact she’s my mother that I find her first few posts rather funny? Maybe it’s because I know the voice behind the words so well? Either way, I think a blog is a great way to use your voice and express yourself.

Should you start a blog? Maybe.

Does it matter if anyone is listening or not? I would say “no.”

The best listener when you start is your first one. When you have one, then it’s time to find the second. Far too often we get caught up  looking for the “quick fix.” We want lots of traffic, big email lists and large subscriber numbers.

We want to know people are listening and we’re not just wasting our own time.

But this is the wrong approach. Focus on finding the first follower and if you’re doing something remarkable the rest will follow. If you’ve got something that you want to say, then there’s a good chance someone in the world is willing to listen.

Check out and let her know what you think.