Today, my wife and I had an ultrasound. And for the first time we were able to see a very clear picture of the cute little baby hanging out inside my wife.

It gave me the day to reflect on this post.

You’ve all heard the saying; the glass is half-empty or the glass is half-full. In my opinion, it’s all about the choices you make and the way you choose to perceive the glass.

For me, I always try my best to focus on the glass being half-full. But I wonder if we could do better?

After all, as gifted and as privileged as we are to live in a society and area where most of us have the ability to eat on a daily basis, drink clean water, see a movie when we want, or eat a Big Mac, almost all of us can find problems within our own lives.

We can almost always find something to complain about.

Lots of people spend all their lives focusing on the glass. For many, it’s not even half-full, the glass is nearly empty, if not bone dry.

These people are nearly always the unsuccessful people who feel they were dealt a poor hand.

And maybe they were. I’m not one to say what your glass looks like. It’s a personal choice.

The most successful people I know are the most positive. They always see the glass as half-full. The best part of this type of attitude is they approach the glass knowing that filling it to the top is within reach.

Here’s a guarantee I can make to you.

Become a half-full glass type of person. Focus on not just maintaining your half-full glass, but make the sucker overflow. Today, my glass is flooded.

I guarantee and promise you’ll see positive results.

Overflow the glass.

P.S. It’s a girl.