We’re 12 business days away from Christmas Eve.

There’s still time to end the year with a bang, maximize profits, increase customer lifetime value, and set up 2015 to be your most successful year yet.

Here are 12 tactics your company can accomplish over the next 12 days that I guarantee will build your business.

This list is so simple, you’ll wonder why you’re not doing these things on a daily basis, every day. Who knows, you might just continue them well into 2015!

Each of these should take no more than 15-20 minutes every day.

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me:

Day One: Call Three High Value Clients

Pick three of your best customers and give them a call. Make a note of the last time they purchased, or anything newsworthy about them. It takes thirty seconds to glance at their websites, blogs, or media releases. Of course, this can also just be a friendly call. Just call them up and let them know how much their business is appreciated.

Day Two: Send Three Thank-You Notes

This one is simple. Send three thank-you notes to customers.

Pretty simple but something hardly anyone ever does. Some of you are sending Christmas and Holiday cards to your entire client base. You know, the funny sweater photo you all took outside the office… I’m talking about something more personal and direct.

Pick three clients that have been significant to you and your company this year and send them something with a personal touch. Thanks for being a customer. Thanks for your recent purchase. Congratulations on another great year!

You get the idea.

Day Three: Call Three Lost/Inactive Clients

Who’s a customer who stopped doing business with you, and why? Do you know? Have you lost any major accounts, suppliers, distributors, retail outlets?

Try this: Pick up the phone and call three lost or inactive customers. Seriously. Just try it. Tell them they’ve been missed. Figure out why they left if you don’t already know. Ask them what you can do to gain their business back in 2015.

Day Four: Call Three Clients and Ask for Testimonials

Pick three clients/customers who have done business with you again and again this year. Call and ask if they would be willing to give you a testimonial. Consider asking them for a video testimonial. Video testimonials are great, and you can use them on your websites, blogs, YouTube, etc.

Day Five: Make a List of Your top 20 Dream Clients for 2015

Self-explanatory. One of the fastest, least expensive, ways to dramatically increase sales next year is to know who you’re targetting, and put a special focus towards those clients.

Who is the dream client?

Who is the decision maker?

How do you reach them?

Three simple questions. Make a list of at least 20.

Day Six: Call Three Clients and Ask for Referrals

Call up three of your most successful or satisfied clients and ask if they know of anyone who might benefit from a business relationship with you.

Bring your crowbar and look for opportunities you can leverage. Who do they know, that would beneficial for you to know? (refer to day five) Ask for a specific name and/or introduction. LinkedIn can help you see who’s connected to whom.

Day Seven: Contact Three New Clients To Check In

Depending on your business this might mean clients, distributors, dealers, etc. Pick three new clients who started doing business with you in the last thirty days and reach out to see if their needs are being met. Ask if they have any questions or concerns. What can you do to exceed their expectations?

Day Eight: Repeat Day Two

Day Nine: Repeat Day Six

Day Ten: Repeat Day One

Day Eleven: Repeat Day Four

Day Twelve: Repeat Day Seven

Now pour yourself an eggnog and celebrate!

If you’ve got multiple people on your sales team, even better. Forward this email to them and ask them to take part over the next 12 days. If everyone completes these simple 15-20 minute tasks each day you’ll multiple your results 50-100X over!

Will this result in more business? Yes.

Will this bring in additional revenue? Yes.

Will this create new opportunities for 2015? Yes.

But like any set of directions…you have to do it.


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