Here’s a historical fact – NOTHING in the history of business has ever been sold to a company.

Now when I say something like that to someone their eyebrows raise up and they look at me like I’m nuts. They immediately come up with a dozen examples to prove to me that I’m wrong, but I’m not.

Everything that has ever been sold in the history of modern business has been sold by a person, to a person.

It’s important to recognize that whether you’re selling haircuts or jumbo jets you’re still dealing with a person, or group of people.

That person or that group of people might have signing authority $5 bucks, 5M, 50M, or even 500M.

At the end of the day, you’re still dealing with a person.

When you’re able to recognize this key distinction, then suddenly you can look anywhere and see how things are being sold, and how people in other companies are communicating with people.

The greatest insights will come from looking outside your industry and your space and discovering all the unique ways others are communicating with their customers and prospective customers.

Today’s Key Lesson: You’re always dealing with people. Your sales teams are always dealing with people. Your marketing people are communicating with people. Insanely complex, sophisticated, high-value deals still happen between people.

The more we can speak to our ideal buyers in a way that resonates with them on a human and emotionally-engaging level, the better results you’ll experience.

Last week at my executive breakfast 14 CEOs of successful companies in a wide and diverse range of industries and business types all nodded and confirmed that you simply can’t deny the power of the human touch. Nothing is more powerful than understanding the power of the human connection.

Remember – [tweetable alt=”Companies and organizations don’t buy your products, people do.”]companies and organizations don’t buy your products, people do.[/tweetable]