Almost everyone reading these weekly Tuesday Tidbits™ strives to be a world-class company –  a world-class provider of sales and customer service excellence.

For those of you that have gone on to become clients, you know our focus has often been to instill the world-class practices that drive dramatic and demonstrable results.

Sometimes our work has included simple things like developing a sales management culture, or implementing a customer retention process, improving your customer experience, or working with your customer service team.

But most often, our work has revolved around ensuring that you’re recognized as a world-class business in the eyes of your customers and prospective clients.

And of course, ensuring that the customer’s perception matches reality.

One of the challenges I’ve seen time and time again is that companies struggle on their own to find the most effective methods of both creating and implementing strategies that stick.

The default, for many organizations, is the “annual meeting” or the “off-site retreat,” or my personal favorite, “a training.” 

The problem isn’t only that these events are often amazingly generic, boring, and status quo. But worse, there are usually no explicitly defined goals, and there’s an enormous lack of focus around what the organization actually hopes to achieve.

Many organizations struggle to define what they want out of meetings like these, but they feel they need to do it. Bringing the team together for “more sales training,” for example, is not a valid business outcome.

You’ve likely seen my favorite scene in Undercover Boss where the bewildered boss returns to the boardroom and says to his executive team, “We’ve got BIG problems out there.”

But your clients/customers deserve better. Your clients don’t need to end up on a reality show with you wearing a wig and fake mustache to learn that you could be doing better.

I’ve been asked to facilitate and run many offsite events, meetings, and retreats. But with many of those requests, I’ve had to turn them down.

Because, like you, I’ve been troubled by the lack of define goals they're going in with, or the actionable takeaways they're looking to leave with. It's easy to have an event where people have a good time. It's hard to have one that delivers measurable, business outcomes.

Having worked with some of the biggest and most established brands in the world, to some of the most successful entertainment companies, professional sports teams, and more – we know how to design and facilitate an event that has crystal clear objectives, defined measures of success, and drives massive business outcomes and results.

That’s why I’m excited to announce the official launch of Evergreen Experiences™.

Based on the brand of my first bestselling book, Evergreen, Evergreen Experiences™ are the solution to boring retreats, lousy offsite meetings, and annual events that deliver positive platitudes and blanket motivational messaging but fail to provide a plan for meaningful change.

Evergreen Experiences are the opposite.

The experiences are entirely immersive which is the single best way to learn. Each adventure has an “experiential” component. This includes, for example, immersive experiences at world-class venues, business tours, sporting events, theme parks, private meetings with leaders from top companies, expert guests, interactive assignments, beautiful hotels and so much more! We live, breath, and learn from the experiences.

Each event is carefully defined in scope to leave you with massive improvements in a significant area of focus. In the first quarter of 2019, we’re already working with companies to build experiences focused around Customer Experience, Service, Sales. We're even working on a "guest experience" with one of the world leading authorities on talent.

As my mentor always taught me, move one thing forward a mile, not a million things forward an inch.

Want to drastically improve your customer's experience? You’ll learn how to do it on an Evergreen Experience solely built and focused with that goal in mind.

Want to learn what makes the world’s best, the world’s best? We’ll experience it first-hand and learn their secrets together.

Not only will an Evergreen Experience be the most valuable, memorable, and powerful experience your organization has ever participated in, but your team will walk away with a specific, actionable strategy plan to move from your current state to an improved tomorrow.

Having another boring event is easy.

You can quickly bring in another expensive speaker that gives your people a little boost, all the while sharing a “cookie cutter” message heard at a thousand companies before yours.

Or, you can do something different. 

Something that drives actual change. 

Something backed by defined objectives, metrics, and guarantee to generate powerful results.

This is about leveling up.

There are just three simple steps to developing your own customized Evergreen Experience™.

First, you schedule a free call with our team.

Second, we'll guide you through a simple discussion to define key business objectives. Don’t worry about the WHERE or the WHAT just yet. Let's start by worrying about the WHY. We will help you do that.

Third, we deliver your personalized Evergreen Experience Travel Guide presenting you a selection of unique, immersive options for your team.

After that, you just choose and commit to the dates. We handle the rest.

Your Challenge For This Week: If you've already booked an offsite training for your senior management team next year, cancel that and choose an Evergreen Experience instead. 

If you haven't, check out Evergreen Experiences and schedule a free discovery call to learn more. Let's remedy that.