Have you ever bought a product from someone that promised something like instant wealth and business success in a short period of time?

We’re willing to invest insane amounts of money into products and training programs that promise immediate and instant results.

This is the reason the entire late-night infomercial world exists. It’s the reason you can supposedly make a couple of payments and transform yourself into a real estate investing expert instantly.

The realty is, and we already know it, that nothing happens instantly. We know that most of these programs are designed to make the creators rich, and make us feel better about ourselves, but only slightly and for a short time.

If a program promised you the skills of a piano virtuoso without any work, you’d know it was a scam. We understand that most things in life require constant practice and experience.

Any type of self-development is the same. Upping your game requires constant practice and experience. Malcolm Gladwell said in his book “Outliers”, that expertise and proficiency in any subject was found only after about 10,000 hours of practice.

You learn to swim by getting in the water, taking lessons, and practicing. With more and more experience, you’ll become a good swimmer.

If someone said they could turn us into Michael Phelps overnight, thousands would buy into it, and thousands would drown.

Get in the water and learn to swim. I’m on the diving board and about to take a swim. Care to join me?

Have a great weekend!