One of my favorite books is by an author named Karen Salmansohn.  I don’t know too much about her but I picked up one of her books a few years back while browsing my local bookstore.

The book is called Ballsy – 99 ways to grow a bigger paid and score extreme business success.” book_ballsy

This book is a staple of my office bookshelf and a big part of my daily regimen. You know the days you sit down and just need a good kick in the but? This book will do  that for you. It’s a collection of 99 business tips and if my memory serves me right I’ve talked about this book before on my blog.

What I really like is the tips are practical and real. Not tips like “blog at least twice a week” but rather tips that make you think and more importantly, grow a bigger pair.

Today I opened up the book to Tip No. 52 and I thought it was appropriate to write about.

Learn to be comfortable with uncertainty.

The only way to rise up higher in your career is to pursue something new, more, different – which means facing uncertainty!

And if you feel you are satisfied to stay trading in the same place forever-guess what? The chances of that ever happening are also very uncertain.

In summary:

You must develop a regular de-stress regime to deal with life’s certain uncertainty”

I love this tip because it bodes true especially for Internet Marketers. I talk to so many marketers every day, with great potential, who get stalled or clam up because of the fear of uncertainty and failure.

We need to learn to be comfortable with uncertainty because that is when great things happen.

At the same time, as entrepreneurs we fear uncertainty because society wants to see us fail.

It’s true.

Think how many times you hear about the entrepreneurs who didn’t make it or the businesses that closed down only after a few months. It makes great chit-chat but it also fuels the uncertainty we as entrepreneurs may have when we’re developing a new product, working on a product launch, brainstorming about a crazy website idea.

If you think that the creators and developers of YouTube or Facebook didn’t have any uncertain feelings you’re dead wrong. The difference is, they chose to face the uncertainty head on.

Facing uncertainty is the only way to rise up.


P.S. I highly suggest picking up the book mentioned above. I’ll be referring to it more often since it gives me such a good kick in the butt every morning. You can buy it from Amazon below. It’s only like $11 bucks and I highly recommend it.

Ballsy: 99 Ways to Grow a Bigger Pair and Score Extreme Business Success