Did you get all your work done on Friday? If not, you’ve got my permission to work on it again today and tomorrow.

Over the weekend, I spent a good six hours slow-cooking a pork shoulder on the BBQ. The result was a delicious and mouth-watering pulled pork sandwich that was enjoyed with friends over a few glasses of wine.

During the time I spent caring for my BBQ, I did a little reflecting on the past few years of self-employment.

For the first few years, I would seriously question myself and wonder if I had made the right decision.

I’d say things like, “I should’ve been a teacher”, or “I should’ve been an advertising executive”, or “I should have gotten a job somewhere in marketing.”

I questioned if I’d made the right decision. Should I stick with entrepreneurship and make a go at things on my own, or take the safe route? Should I just settle for a career with less risk? Did I really make the right choice?

But then about two years ago, something clicked. I stopped questioning my decisions. I realized that while my path might not be as clear-cut as I’d like it to be, I’m on the right path. I’ve realized that as often as I veer off the path, I’m still heading in the right direction.

And then just last night, I was reading a book by Jeffrey Fox called “How to Become CEO – The Rules for Rising to the Top of Any Organization” and he confirmed what I’d come to realize over the years.

Those who belong to the “should’ve club” will never rise to the top.

Fox says, “the “should’ve club” is boring. The members never get cut…They never miss a shot at the last second. They don’t make any waves.

Fox stated that we don’t want to belong to the “should have club”. Avoid the “should’ve club” at all costs. He suggests that during the odd occasion you realize you probably shouldn’t have done something, there will be 10 times when the results show you that you actually made the right decision.

I blogged back in November about “Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda” type of people. My thoughts and opinions haven’t changed since then. I now simply have a way to categorize the different types of people.

Fox ends by saying, “No Guts, No Glory.”

Which club do you belong to?