How to Increase Your Competitive Advantage And Win More Business (during a pandemic!)

Not everybody has a gazillion dollars.

Not every business has the resources of a company like Amazon.

This past week the Wall Street Journal reported that the new refund policy of 2021 is "keep it."

Companies like Amazon (and many others) are increasingly telling their customers to "keep the product, don't bother returning it…"

"Oh, And here's your money back too!"

You can't outcompete Amazon on speed, selection, usually price, and now on refunds etc.

And your customers are increasingly expecting this level of service. I see this across many of the industries I work in, including many B2B industries.

And the gap is continually widening because you can't ship as fast as Amazon.

You can't allow customers to keep the products AND get their money back!

But you can do things that they can’t. You can do things your competition isn’t doing.

You can increase your competitive advantage by doing a few simple things.

Things that don’t cost a lot of money.

Things that require very little time.

In today's video, I'll tell you how one company is beating their competition by taking relatively simple, no-cost actions to set themselves apart in.

You can do the same.

Check out this week's Tuesday Tidbit video:

What step are you taking to hone your competitive advantage right now?

Where would simple improvements help win you more business?

How could you impress your prospects at each step of the buying cycle?