They tell us to expect the unexpected. And usually, that’s exactly what happens.

Here’s my take on it. I think the phrase is silly and really overused.

I mean really, when do things ever go as planned? Of course, they tell us to expect the unexpected and when the unexpected happens, we’re still in shock and disbelief!

How could this have happened?

How could they have done that?

We didn’t know our competitor was going to do that!

I think the unexpected happens nearly all the time. It’s not to throw in an element of surprise or derail our plans, but to teach us and help us grow. It’s one of the planets greatest and most mysterious teaching tools.

I prefer to expect the expected.

When the unexpected happens, instead of pulling your hair out, or making excuses as to why you were surprised when the (un)expected happened, even though you told everyone at the board meeting to be ready for it, you can choose to proceed in a proactive manner.

When the (un)expected happens, success comes from those who aren’t just ready for it, but those who move in a positive manner to deal with it when it happens.