For the first three month’s of Avalon’s life, we’d been blessed by the Gods of Sleep with a baby who loved to sleep. The trade-off, is an ever-growing insatiable appetite for the discovery of new things. She’s starting to get up more through the night and realizes there’s a lot of fun to be had while awake than there is while sleeping.

The biggest mistake is letting her make eye contact with us during the 3am wakeup, because that brings on an ear-to-ear grin of excitement and happiness! “I don’t want to sleep, I want to play!” She’s suddenly hungry for the world. Hungry to have fun. Hungry to explore.

When do we lose that hunger? At what point do we decide, “this is my life, and this is how my days will play out. There’s nothing I can do about it”?

The animals in the zoo certainly have no choice. Tough luck. What a sad reality. When the monkey is depressed and want’s to start down a new path, she’s got no choice. Sit behind the glass as the children poke and prod. All day long. Factory work for monkeys.

Yet we have the choice. We’re the one creature that can decide today is going to be different than yesterday.

It’s the power of childish eyes. The power to have the thirst and hunger of discovery like little Avalon is now realizing she has. And yet so many of us are afraid to wield this power. Maybe you forgot you had it?

If the animals in the zoo see an open door, they usually use it.

We’re given this power for a reason. The door is open. Don’t waste the opportunity.