Are You Working on The Right Part of Your Game?

Golf is a frustrating game.

It's so frustrating that 5-6 years ago, I quit. I sold all my clubs and gear, and stopped playing. I told myself I would never touch a golf club again.

And then, a few weeks ago, I found myself swinging the club again. It was as rough as I remembered.

I did a search on YouTube and watched about a dozen videos of pros breaking down each section of the swing. It was nearly impossible to try to remember all the tips and cues. I only ended up hitting the ball worse.

But then, after a few weeks of practice and focusing on just making clean contact with the ball, it's suddenly coming together.

In this week's video , I share why I started golfing again (virtually!), and an important lesson that applies to golf and your business.

Find the video here or click below:

Noah Fleming

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