A Simple Sales/Service Exercise - Part Two!

Last week I issued a really simple challenge.

I'm so glad many of you tried it.

Many readers learned of simple things that were costing them money.

For example, one CEO filled out his company's lead form on their website.

He made up a name and used a spoof email.

He waited.

And waited …

And waited …

Nothing. Peanuts.

So he went to the sales department and asked them about a lead under the name he used.

Nobody was working on it.

In fact, nobody knew anything about it.

So he went around and asked marketing, and then he asked the customer experience team.

Then he asked his e-Commerce team.


Finally, he went to IT.

They found the email and found the problem.

The form was broken. 

Who knows how many emails were missed!?

Who knows how long this was going on!?

All it took was a simple, 5-minute challenge to discover something worth potentially millions in lost revenue.

Simple, huh?