I don’t like most lizards, but I dig the chameleon.

The chameleon has the unique ability to change colors.

Not only that, it can change its color based on the threat from specific predators.

It can camouflage itself extremely well in certain situations by changing to match the bark of a tree as seen in the photo below.

Photo by Newscientist.com

It can also use this unique skill while hunting. Insects never see the chameleon coming.

In my opinion, the chameleon’s greatest skill is its ability to adapt quickly.

The cool thing is we’re all like chameleons.

We, as humans, have the unique ability to learn and adapt very quickly. Yet we often forget we posses this skill, and spend time fretting and worrying about the “what ifs.”

When we start to realize and utilize our power, we become confident and ready to face the unknown.

Here’s the problem.

A lot of people are using their chameleon color changing skills to blend in. It’s easier to blend into the crowd, and your surroundings, than it is to be seen by others.

It’s easier to blend into to the “bark” of society, than it is to release your music to the world, or start a blog, or write that book you’ve been thinking about, or open that business.

Have the courage of the chameleon.

Jump in to what’s scaring you, and realize you’ve got the skills to adapt as fast as the chameleon. Realize you can learn quickly and have the confidence to jump even at times when you haven’t checked off all the “what ifs”

After you do it a few times, you’ll find nothing is as scary as you thought it would be.