By now, if you’ve been reading any of my posts for the past few months, you’re probably getting a good idea about where my head is.

I’m not sure when the switch was flicked on or what triggered the change, but my thinking and approach to what I want to say on my blog has drastically changed recently.

Perhaps the change occurred when I started heeding my own advice.

Was I scared before?

It’s easier to blog about business, or marketing, or making money online than it is to talk about things that might make people cringe, or feel uncomfortable, or disagree with me.

I feel like, rather than hiding my voice, I’m allowing my true voice to come to the party. For many years, I kept it locked away in the attic.

I used to toe the line. I used to be careful so I wouldn’t say something that might offend someone. I felt it was easier to try and please everyone…. I was taking the wrong approach.

Again, I’m not sure when or why I flipped the switch, but I did. And I’m glad I did.

But it’s not always easy.

That being said, often I’ll see or read some sort of positive affirmation that keeps me on track.

Yesterday I was reading a story from my mentor, Seth Godin. The story comes from his book, Tribes – We Need You to Lead Us.

Here’s the story:

Seth was sitting in a hotel in Jamaica and checking his email. It was 4:00 oclock  in the morning.

A couple went strolling by, just getting in for the night, and they saw Seth. The woman remarked, “Isn’t that sad? That guy comes here on vacation and he’s checking his e-mail. He can’t even enjoy his two weeks off.”

Seth’s response was the affirmation.

Seth writes, “I think the real question… was, Isn’t it sad that we have a job where we spend two weeks avoiding the stuff we have to do 50 weeks a year?

The point?

If you’re in a position like the first couple, maybe it’s time to start asking yourself the second question.

So where am I going?

I’m working at instigating change. I don’t want people to have to ask that question.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to be ultra-motivational here.

I’m not trying to be like Tony Robbins.

You won’t find me corralling thousands of people into auditoriums or hotel conference rooms and having a big-old song and dance together.

Many will read these posts and swim on rather quickly. Many will scoff at my suggestions of doing something different or swimming against the current. And that’s fine, I can accept that.

I’m hoping to instigate a change in the few that believe there are other options out there, and I’m willing to lead that charge. Will you come along?

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