Just a quick book review today.

The next book on the list of The 100 Best Business Books of All Time, that I’ve been reading from, is titled “What Should I Do with My Life?” by author Po Bronson.

Bronson.gifFunny… I go from being a reading maniac to taking almost two weeks to get through a book called “What Should I Do with My Life?

What does that tell ya about me?

Bronson found himself in a position many people find themselves in these days, unemployed and at a crossroads of  life. He was at a point in his own life when he was asking himself the same question, “What Should I Do with My Life?

Po decided that he would look for others who were asking or had asked that question, at some point in their lives, and share those stories with us.

Bronson interviewed over 900 people. The book provides the stories of about 50 of those people who were wondering what they should do with their lives.

The book is interesting because it’s a collection of the types of stories we hear about, but never believe could apply to us.

Stories like a PR executive, on the verge of doubling her salary, leaving her well-paid career to work outside and do low-paid landscaping.

Or a professor with tenure who decided to leave and pursue a new career in law, at 70 years old.

The book offers us both a glimpse and an understanding that we actually do have a choice in life to follow our passion, and a glimpse at those who actually took the plunge and followed it.

Bronson profiled about 50 different people in the book. What I enjoyed about the book is that not every story has a happy ending. It wasn’t always what you expected. Some people made the jump, but then realized it was just another step in the road. They had to keep looking.

It was a great book.

If you’re still wondering, “what should I do with my life?”, this is a great read. At the very least, it will show you that you’re not alone. Millions of us ponder the question at various stages in our lives. This book will give you a look at what happened when people tried to find the answer.

I recommend you read it.