On Wednesdays, I always seem to write just whatever pops into my head – or go off on a bit of a tangent. I’ve created a new category for these posts and I’m calling it “A Typical Wednesday.”

Hope you enjoy them.

Somewhere along the route of history, we sold ourselves out.

We gave into all kinds of fear. We created things like the all-inclusive travel industry – a farce of a way to “find yourself” and rid yourself of your problems, even if it was for only a week or two at a time. We’ve created entire industries that act as coping mechanisms for our addictions.

We’re addicted to a drug called security.

But we’ll often chalk it up as “just the way things are.”

This is what Seuss called the Waiting Place. It’s the place where most of us go as a crutch. It may be dark and dreary, but it’s the safest place to be, after all – you just wait.

We’re so dependant on the drug that even when an opportunity falls right into our lap, we often miss it. We’re blind to it. We’re paralyzed by it. We’re so weak and powerless that at that moment, we have nothing to rely on. We’re locked in a mental prison and we built the walls.

But realistically, we’re just so damn scared of going off the drug, or peaking beyond the curtain of the Waiting Place, we give in, give up, and wait.

The key is to start looking beyond the curtain even if it’s just a peek here or a peek there. It has to be an ongoing process. You’ve got to start now.

Then one day, when nobody’s looking, you quietly slip behind the curtain and you’re off. Never to return to that damn place again.

Start peeking now.