Today I spent some time updating the “About Me” section of my website.

I thought today was a good day to do this since yesterday Google introduced Google Profiles or more appropriately starting showing the results of “profiles” in search. I guess Google Profiles has been around for a while but sitting quite stagnant for the past year or so.

Basically what it means in a nutshell is this, if someone is searching for “Noah Fleming” through Google they  will see any references to Noah and things I’ve done or created. Now Google is going to be showing specific profiles of people named “Noah Fleming” and the information they want to share. This gives people a little more access to sharing information they want to share in the index.

So for me, this meant updating some bio information about myself. I’m happy with the result and therefore I’ve also updated the “About Me” section of my blog.

Check out my Google Profile here

Let me know if you’ve created one.

So far I haven’t seen any Profile results showing up in but if you do a Noah Fleming search on “”, scroll down to the bottom and you’ll see my profile. You can also create your own if you’d like. Next thing I’d like to see Google do is move these results up to the top.